KD Music's Technicians Have Tuned and/or Repaired Thousands of Katy Area Pianos
KD Music’s Technicians Have Tuned and/or Repaired Thousands of Katy Area Pianos

Many Katy-area musicians know that KD Music and Arts offers a wide range of services and products- from musical instrument rental, sales, and repair to music lessons and sheet music sales. However, many people do not know that if you’ve seen or heard a piano in the Katy or West Houston area, it’s likely that a KD Music & Arts certified piano technician has tuned or repaired it.

Even if your home piano hasn’t been serviced in years and sounds like something out of a horror movie, KDs’ technicians will get it back in tune. Our technicians regularly encounter “lost cause” pianos that were destined for the classifieds and make them performance-ready… even if the performance might be another spirited rendition of “Chopsticks”.

Thousands of Pianos Tuned

Although KD Music and Arts staff don’t have an exact figure on how many pianos KD Music technicians have serviced over the years, they estimate that the number is well into the thousands. KD’s piano techs don’t just tune and repair pianos in private households, but also regularly service pianos used by local schools, churches, recording studios, and other organizations. If these organizations trust KD’s technicians to hone a performance- and recording-ready sound for thousands of people to hear, imagine what they can do for your home piano?

As for the type of piano, it doesn’t matter; our tuners work with all types of pianos- from grand pianos and baby grand pianos to upright spinet and studio upright pianos- even servicing the occasional antique “player” piano.

How Much Does Piano Tuning Cost?

The price of piano tuning and/or piano repair varies according to the type of piano and services needed (i.e. restringing, refinishing, etc.); call us at 281-828-1500 for a quote and to schedule a visit, or fill out the form here to schedule your piano tuning services.

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