KD Music and Arts, Katy, Texas’ longest-running music school and store, is moving one block south to brand new facilities.


KD Music and Arts, the premier institution for nurturing musical talent in Katy, Texas, has an exciting announcement. The school, currently located at 20225 Katy Freeway, is moving just one block south to its new home at 20049 Katy Freeway (at Fry Road and Katy Freeway in the Conn’s Plaza). This new location will offer students and teachers alike improved facilities and the opportunity to continue growing the vibrant community of musicians that call KD Music and Arts their home.

Why are We Moving?

KD Music and Arts has been a consistent member of the Katy area community for over 30 years now, thanks to its dedicated staff, talented students, and supportive community. This move to a new location at 20049 Katy Freeway will allow the school to accommodate a larger student body, expand its class offerings, and ensure that each student receives the personalized attention they deserve.

In addition, the new location features a range of facilities, including several classrooms for learning and practice, an expanded retail space, and an expanded instrument repair shop. These improvements will enhance the overall learning experience for students, allowing them to reach their full potential as musicians and artists.

What to Expect at the New Location

At 20049 Katy Freeway, KD Music and Arts will continue to offer its comprehensive range of music education programs, catering to students of all ages and skill levels. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect at the new location:

New Classrooms

Our new classrooms will be better suited to the lessons that are in-demand today, enabling students to learn and practice their instruments in a relaxed environment. We believe that a spacious and well-lit learning environment is essential for nurturing creativity and promoting the development of musical skills.

Expanded Retail Space

The new location will have an expanded retail space that will allow KDs to continue to serve not just our students, but the area’s school and church musicians with the products and music that they need.

Expanded Repair Space

KDs continues to be the Katy Area’s only onsite musical instrument repair shop. At our new location, we’ve created an expanded repair facility to continue to serve the Katy and West Houston area with speedy, high-quality service.

A Smooth Transition

KD Music and Arts is committed to making the transition to our new location as smooth as possible for our students and their families. We will ensure that all classes and lessons continue without interruption during the moving process and that our students have ample time to adjust to the new facilities.


The move to 20049 Katy Freeway marks an exciting new chapter for KD Music and Arts. We are confident that our new location will provide an even better learning environment for our students, allowing them to reach new heights in their musical journey. We look forward to welcoming our students, their families, and the entire Katy community to our new home, where we will continue to foster a love for music and the arts.

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