On May 31, KD Music and Arts concluded its 2020 Spring semester the same way it has finished all its previous Spring semesters- with its Spring Recital. As usual, students were dressed to the nines, played beautifully, and bowed or curtsied to the audience at the end of their performances; but this time, the “recital hall” was each student’s living room and the audience was virtual. This was the culmination of a semester that will not be soon forgotten by teachers and students alike.

Navigating Unique Circumstances

The Spring 2020 Semester presented the most unique circumstances that KD Music and Arts had ever experienced in its nearly 30 years of existence. In late March, midway through the semester, KDs was forced to temporarily close its doors as a “nonessential business”, but within a few days, KDs had already begun hosting its first online music classes.

By the end of the next week, KD Music and Arts’ music school was fully online and offering its full course offering; students resumed their piano, wind instrument, voice, string instrument, percussion, and guitar lessons as if the pandemic and shutdown had never happened. KDs students, teachers, and students adapted wonderfully to the circumstances, as evidenced by their outstanding performances at the Spring Recital. “We understand that lessons are an important part of helping our students maintain a sense of normalcy during this unique time, so we’ve done our best to make the online experience seamless for everyone”, said KD Music and Arts director Karen Diaz.

The Virtual Recital

On the afternoon of May 31, KDMA families tuned in to KD Music and Arts’ YouTube Channel for a live broadcast of KD Music’s first ever online recital. The broadcast, which was also presented as an encore later that evening, featured students of all ages and skill levels, performing repertoire that ranged from classic masters like Bach and Beethoven to modern jazz and pop music. Each student spoke briefly about something they enjoyed about their experience with KD Music and Arts, and then performed their chosen song (complete with a bow).

Especially notable were the performances by the KDMA graduating seniors, who individually gave a speech about their years at KDMA, spoke about the role music has played in their lives, and also talked about their college choices and plans for using their KD Music education in the future.

Continuing Music Lessons For the Summer and Fall

KD Music is continuing its Summer and Fall semesters with the option of in-person or online music lessons for all ages and skill levels. Stop by or call our conveniently located Katy Freeway location for more information, or register your student online.

KD Music and Arts would like to thank all students, parents, and teachers who helped make the Spring 2020 semester a successful one. KDMA would also like to think NPCS Group, who assisted greatly with the online technology integration for lessons, as well as the live recital presentation.

A still of KD Music and Arts Director Karen Diaz from KD Music and Arts' online Spring Recital.
A still of KD Music and Arts Director Karen Diaz from KD Music and Arts’ online Spring Recital.

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