KD Music and Arts offers piano tuning not only for all of Katy ISD, but for commercial and residential applications as well.  Our piano tuners are timley, experienced and curtious.  If you would like to have your piano tuned regularly by KD Music and Arts just contact us and a member from our staff will contact you as soon as possible to schedule your tuning.  The customer agrees that KD Music and Arts shall not be held responsible for any liabilities concerning tension of strings and their inner workings of a used piano.


Understand that some pianos will require more tunings to get the piano stabalized. Some reasons for the additional tuning are:

1) Piano has not been tuned in quite some time.

2) The climate in which the piano resides is not a climate controlled environment, or the tuning pins are not maintaining their grip.


Phone: 281-647-6996

Email: KHD6191@aol.com

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