KD Music & Arts

...Find Your Arts Desire.

About Us

"Welcome to KD Music & Arts where for over twenty years we have enhanced the quality of life in the community through music and art."  A truly unique arts center, KD Music & Arts school offers small group classes to intensive individual lessons, day time, evening, and weekends, to early childhood ages through senior citizens. Whether you are considering a career in the arts, participating in church and local groups, or just looking for an enjoyable form of relaxation, we can help you "find your arts desire."  KD Music and Arts provides lessons in the following Piano, Voice, Guitar, Art, Percussion, and all Woodwind,Brass and String instruments. Music classes combine theory, sight reading, history, and stylistic interpretation with solid technical skills. A strong foundation using methods books and classical repertoire list enables the student to learn other styles/genres such as movie themes, popular tunes, and sacred music. Recitals, exhibits, master classes, and competitions are some of the opportunities available to KD students. Semi private, small group, and private instruction classes are available year round. Visual arts classes present the basics of the elements of art and design with emphasis on personal interpretation and creativity. The student is introduced to a variety of art mediums, concepts, and techniques complimented with a study of art history and the value of art in today's world. Group interaction and individual attention offer a rewarding experience for the student at all levels.

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